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About “Learn to Skate”

Learn to skate was setup in 2009, to provide an opportunity for children from the age of 5 years upwards to teach them the basics of inline skating with the goal to learn how to play Inline Hockey , and to join the Bourne End Buffaloes Inline Hockey Club, when having the confidence to take their skills further.

The program has been successful over the past 5 years seeing members grow in to “Hockey Players”.

And the great part of Inline Hockey is that every is “involved and is part of the team!”.

The Bourne End Junior Sports Club is one of the very few venues within Buckinghamshire that runs a “Skating session” whereby the children are taught the skills and will always be encouraged to be involved in the session and always looking forward to the next session.

Having been proven successful over the past 5 years the “Learn to skate ” session is currently closed, but please get in touch for more info on how to join the Buffaloes

Within the “Learn to Skate Session’s ” we aim at encouraging the skaters confidence, not only with their skating but also personal development,  we get the kids to tell us what THEY have improved with and what THEY want to learn !.


Proven 3 Step Program*.

Step 1 : Learn to Skate – Goal window of 3 months

Step 2: Learn to play Hockey Goal window of 6 months

Step 3: Join the Bourne End Buffaloes – After 6 months of starting skating to be playing friendly games at suitable age group.

*The Learn to Skate program is based on a group of children starting around the same time,  if the program isn’t currently running, your child is still able to be involved, whereby the 3 step program time frame may vary.

The program above was based on the most recent group that have completed steps 2 & 3.

For more information please contact: via email : learntoskate@bourneendbuffaloes.co.uk