5 years ago the Buffaloes had a new group of children join the Learn to Skate program, and followed onto “Learn to play Hockey”.

This program has been a great success, 25 children from the age of 4-14 years old, have all successfully progressed from learning how to skate with confidence, to learning how to play hockey and build a team from the ground upwards.

What also has been successful is that a number of the children that have come through the program have also joined an ice hockey club in addition to playing inline hockey.

The success of this program is not only down to the coaches that train the children, but also the venue.

The Bourne End Junior Sports Club, provides a fantastic venue that provides children to play the sport they love. This club is a charity and still requires volunteers to help the sports club continue to grow and to give the opportunity to play a sport in a safe enviroment.

For more information on the sports club, please visit www.bejsc.co.uk