Inline Hockey and Learn To Skate Section / BEJSC Rules

Here are a few guideline for Inline Hockey and Learn To Skate.

*    Inline Hockey-Full equipment must be worn whist training.

*    Learn to Skate- Cycle Helmet / Hockey Helmet and Protective Knee, Elbow and Wrist Pads recommended.

General Rules

*   No Skating in the Car Park outside the BEJSC

*   Do Not obstruct corridors with equipment  (this is to avoid tripping hazards).

*    NO skating up and down the corridor

*    NO skates upstairs.

*    Please pick up your rubbish and stick tape.

*    Please ensure that your skates are in good condition.  We cannot have them scratching the floor.

*    Please ensure that there is a butt end on your stick.

*    DO NOT drop water on the floor.  Please clear up any spills.


Please abide by these rules, they are for your safety and others…